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The Undefeated with Tiffany M. Simmons

It’s always dope to feature Cool People on The Cool Soror Podcast and today is no different! We welcome attorney, author and actor Tiffany M. Simmons.

With a knack for creative reinvention and an unsurmountable hustle, Tiffany is determined to leave her mark on the entertainment industry. As an undefeated attorney and CEO of the Simmons Law Firm, she’s already demonstrated her prowess to exceed expectations. Therefore, adding another notch to her already impressive belt of achievementsis no surprise.

Her next move is her most challenging yet and she’s opening up to allow others a front row view of how she intends to get it done. Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan – one of the notably worst cities for African-Americans who live below the poverty level and have the least access to quality public education – Tiffany was determined to create a new path. She became heavily involved in the arts but was equally fascinated with the jobs behind the scenes. This thirst led her to law school and the rest is history!

With a strong concentration in Entertainment Law, Tiffany remained in the thick of the industry – patiently awaiting her return to the arts as an entertainer. After completing acting classes at the world renowned Tasha Smith Acting Workshop (TSAW), she was ready and eager to get back to the world of creativity.

Not only is Tiffany building her acting resumé, but she’s also taking the literary world by storm. With the release of her fourth novel, The Plug’s Lawyer – a trap novel about a good girl with street habits – she’s also added the title, AUTHOR, to her impressive repertoire.

Tiffany is winning the fight of this life and she is continuing to make moves in the rink. She embraces every round for the win. That’s what undefeated looks like.

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