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Beautiful, Wild & Free with Erin Marie

We are excited to have Erin Marie, A Cool Soror of AKA, Founder and CIO of BWF Woman! 
Here is what Erin says was a pivotal moment in her life:
One of the pivotal moments in my path as an entrepreneur was deciding to be vulnerable by sharing my story on Instagram via @BWFwoman.
Telling my story required me to come face-to-face with what I considered to be failures. I thought that there might be an opportunity for healing for myself and others through doing this, but I didn’t have any proof.
For me, it was a risk, and now I know it was a risk that was worth taking.
Sharing about what I could’ve done better, where I messed up and what
I’ve learned has grown from simple Instagram posts to a sold-out annual Retreat, a Masterclass that has educated hundreds of women, and a ministry that has guided women on a heart-healing process, from here in the US, all the way to the Philippines.
Follow Erin at @bwfwoman everywhere.

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