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The Art of Storytelling with Rod Minger

In one of the most candid and in depth interviews to date, Rod Minger, a Cool Bruh of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity joins the show today. The Montgomery, Alabama native is an actor, comedian and radio personality who has performed in over 20 stage plays across the country. A gifted musician as well, Rod felt the glare of the spotlight after a solo performance in junior high school. It was then that the crowd’s reaction would be a catalyst for the need to share his talents.

Starting out his professional career as a music teacher in a small town in Alabama, a chance opportunity led him to Atlanta where he would experience success. He has performed in plays alongside our host, Rashan Ali, NFL great, Dorsey Levens, and Hollywood Diva Lisa Wu. appeared in a recent episode of the Starz hit series “Survivors Remorse.”

The beauty of his journey is the crafted way he tells his story. From living in what most would consider an outhouse; to finding what he thought was love; to heart break and divorce; Rod has a path like no other. You will laugh and think and laugh again during this episode. In the “Art of Storytelling” Rod authors his life one chapter at a time.

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