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Powerful Mind with Sherrell Moore-Tucker

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about yoga and meditation, Sherrell Moore-Tucker is the perfect person and she is our Cool People feature today.

She is a best-selling author, speaker, and wellness professional who focuses on wellness as a lifestyle! She specializes in showing people how manage daily stress, health and social trauma by learning how to “Breathe In, Stress Out”.

Sherrell is the creator of Faith & Flow Yoga®. A yoga practice that teaches people how to use their faith, body, breath, and flow to raise their level of consciousness, reconnecting with the creator, and themselves on a deeper mental, spiritual, and physical level. She also, created Sisters Who Meditate® as an international movement to educate and support women who want to cultivate a spiritual practice utilizing Christian meditation and prayer to deepen their relationship with God.

She is passionate about educating people about mind-body principles that are applicable for everyday living. She serves your community by educating and teaching communities and businesses about various forms of yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques for stress management, social and health related trauma and self-care.

Hearing Sherrell talk about yoga and meditation in such a beautiful and personal way, will truly make you want to start the journey yourself. As she stated so eloquently in this episode, there is beauty in a “powerful mind.” From the beginning to end you, will see why she has one.

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