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My Mother’s Keeper with Dr. Sheila D. Williams

It is our pleasure to welcome Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Cool Soror, Dr. Shelia D. Williams to the show! She is a life strategist, author, John Maxwell Speaker, trainer, coach and radio show host from Central Florida. She obtained her Psychology degree from The University of Central Florida and also obtained her Master’s Degreee in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University. Never limiting herself, she received her Doctorate in Leadership and Education from Barry University.

Dr. Williams had always wanted to gain a better understanding of mental illness due to her own mother’s battle with clinical depression and Multiple Sclerosis. She knew that there was some different about her mother, but her illness went undiagnosed for years. This, impart, was the result of the stigma associated with mental illness in the black community coupled with continually being misdiagnosed. Her mother finally got the answers she had been looking for, but not until Dr. Williams was well into her 20’s.

She knew the call on her life was to shatter the shame associated with mental illness by being vulnerable enough to share her compelling story as a witness. After years of refusal, Dr. Williams’ mother gave her the blessing to move forward with writing, “My Mother’s Keeper” days before her death. In this book, she confesses the she carried the “family secret” for over 30 years because of her mother’s embarrassment of her diagnosis. It is her goal to end the stigma associated with mental illnesses. She believes that it is important to start and continue the conversation about mental illness and understand that it is a part of our health.

Dr. Shelia D. Williams is truly her mother’s keeper. And because of that, so many people are beginning to tell the secrets and find the solutions.

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