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Million Dollar Mind with Anthony “AJ” Joiner

We are excited to launch our first episode of “Cool People” with Digital Marketing Guru, Athony “AJ” Joiner. A native of Louisiana and a Computer Information Systems graduate of Southern University, AJ had the zest for entrepreneurship even in the corporate setting.

After years of giving major corporations brilliant ideas, AJ decided to step away and take digital marketing to the next level..this time with his own clients. Directly from his website, he describes himself as the following:

“Modestly speaking, my clients have repeatedly told me that I have ‘the gift’. The gift of pulling back the curtain and showing smart, influential thought leaders and business owners how to make money online by using social media and other online tools to monetize the years and years of knowledge they have acquired in their industry.

We focus on your skills and knowledge and turn it into cash all from the comfort of your home. There are too many fluffy ‘digital strategists’ and ‘branding experts’ who tell you to post six times a day, create a vision board and make sure you have the right colors and fonts, but they can’t connect a single piece of strategy to the tools you need.”

Anthony has played an integral role in the life of our host, Rashan Ali. They delve deeper into their business relationship and how she has truly benefited from his tutelage. From meditation to the confines of religion, Anthony showcases the tapestry of his intellect in “Million Dollar Mind.” You’ll see why his currency is so rich.

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