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Love Letters To My Sorors with Kishshana Palmer

We are excited to share the story of Kishshana Palmer. A Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Kishshana is a New York native raised by hard-working Jamaican parents. She learned early the power of hard work, but more importantly, she learned the power of service which would be the catalyst for her life.

In her own words, she said, “It all started for me in junior high school. I volunteered at a tutoring center and I wanted to raise money for more books and supplies for the elementary school kids I tutored. I got all my friends together and we raised a ton of money to help younger kids in OUR neighborhood. How’d I do it? Well by 13, my mom had drilled it into my brain that helping people was a gift. So I was fearless and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I told my friends that despite being from the ‘hood, we were able to get a good education because we were smart and we had books! Other kids needed that too. Helping people and getting others to do the same stuck with me all the way through college. I even received a service scholarship!”

With this same spirit, Kishshana now leads her own company, Kishshana & Co. where she serves as the founder and CEO. She takes tremendous pride in helping non-profit organizations get funding and helps to develop board of directors through highly efficient best practices.Her latest project is “Love Letter To My Sorors” which is a platform for women in all Black Greek Lettered Organizations to express their love for their sorors or sister greeks in their own words.

Kishshana has such a vibrant and loving spirit. Her zest for life is truly admirable. She takes it one day at a time: helping one person at a time. We absolutely love her for it.

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