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Introducing Que Latham with Quentin Latham

Que Latham joins the Cool Soror Podcast as our Cool Bruh feature of the week. A member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and a graduate of Florida State University, Que spent the majority of his life in Miami, Florida.

After many years of corporate accounting, his life changed in an instant when he was let go from his last job. Subsequently, his alter-ego character, Ms. Funky Dineva Ross was born. Known for his candid and often brash take on celebrity gossip, Funky Dineva, the character and his corresponding blog site are both wildly popular.

There comes a time however, in all of our lives when we are ready for a change. That change has come for Que. Effortlessly articulate and intriguingly intelligent, Que is now one of the co-hosts on Sister Circle – a daily, live talkshow that our host, Rashan Ali is a part of as well.

He is looking forward to not only giving a fresh perspective from a male point of view, but using this opportunity to further his long term goals. He knew it was important to transition his career.

Make no mistake though, Funky Dineva is still thriving. But Que is new to many of his fans and what a blessing he will be to those who already know him and those who will meet him for the first time. Ladies and Gentlemen, “Introducing Que Latham!”

TW: @msfunkydineva IG: @msfunkydineva

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