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Balanced Not Busy with Ciji Townsend

This Cool People Episode with Ciji Townsend offers 15 minutes of power to teach you how to make the most of your busy life! Ciji Townsend, a change agent. PR specialist and corporate executive offers tangible ways to execute our days with the most effectiveness, including simply getting a watch to curve distractions.

Who is Ciji? She is a believer, wife and a friend but most importantly she is genuine and authentic on her everyday journey to live balanced not busy and provide practical solutions to others (mostly strangers) to find balance and ultimately shift from crazy busy to confident calm.

Ciji has been intrigued by the word, busy since she was six years old. Surrounded by working parents and grandparents, everyone seemed to be really really busy…ALL of the time. Ciji was initiated into her family’s secret society of busy people when she turned 13. Her over programmed social calendar, full schedule and ridiculous amount of commitments from school sports to the youth and government club was an official rite of passage.

Ciji remained in the secret society and committed to the condition of being busy in high school, college and for many years post-graduation. Until one day a light bulb went off and she no longer wanted to respond to “how are you?” with the overused response, “I’m so busy!” She will show you how to remain balanced, not busy one step at a time!

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