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Cool Soror with Rashan Ali

“An expose of COOL Sisters Everywhere”
…Because everybody knows one…”

What is Cool Soror?

This podcast takes an empowering, entertaining and in depth look
into the journey of women in Black Greek Lettered Organizations
from all across the world. Host, veteran radio and television
personality Rashan Ali, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,
Inc., believes that every single person has a story that can inspire
someone else. She is on a mission to share these compelling
stories, through their own words.

Derived from the Latin word, soror, which means sister, Cool
Soror-The Podcast does not stop there. Because Cool Sisters exist
everywhere, Ali shines a much needed light on the bevy of content
that exists around each of us on a daily basis: women doing
absolutely amazing things. In addition, Cool Soror does not shy
away from conversations that affect women universally.

What is a Cool Soror without a Cool Bruh? The “Cool Bruh”
feature on the podcast garners introspective conversations with
men in fraternities as a bonus.

The Cool Soror Podcast is for everyone! You don’t have to be in a
sorority or fraternity to gain knowledge, laugh, cry or be
entertained. Our journeys have less to do with us and more to do
with the people around us who are witnessing it. The journey of
someone else, can possibly change yours.

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Rashan Ali, Host


Anthony “AJ” Joiner, Executive Producer/Digital Strategist

Dusei Da Great, Producer

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Kreative Edge

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Instagram: @coolsoror
Twitter: @coolsoror