01 Mar 2017
01 Mar 2017

Wrapped In Color with Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell is exuberant. Melissa Mitchell lives her life in color. Melissa Mitchell is vibration. The Cool Soror Team is ecstatic to have this Alpha Kappa Alpha woman join the show for an exhilarating episode. This Miami, Florida native takes us on a journey of true discovery and you will enjoy every twist and turn that has led her to this point in her life.

As a child, she always had an affinity towards big hair, bright colors, animal print and anything that allowed her to stand out. Her love towards outward expression proved to be the perfect condition to cultivate her unique artistic interpretation and bold creations. Surprisingly though, her passion was not revealed to her until a snowstorm held the city captive. She picked up some wood and some paint and posted her painting on social media. Abeielle Creations was birthed from there.

Not only are her canvases uniquely brilliant, she takes those prints and makes them into head wraps for women, men and children as well as bowties. Much more is on the horizon for this creative who will light up any room.

This colorful queen’s artistic eye could be deemed as a human kaleidoscope. She has a knack for pulling colors together to create a harmonious cornucopia of expression. Most people are drawn to the “life source” that it brings.

Melissa boldly states that art is a special language from God and she is a vessel to speak its beautiful melodies. With a keen eye for detail, the world is better when it’s wrapped in color: one stroke at a time.

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