21 Feb 2017
21 Feb 2017

The Matters of Millennials with Chandria Luscious Harris

The Matters of Millennials with Chandria Luscious Harris

As a millennial recruitment expert with experience in consulting companies on how to recruit talent, her primary focus is how they navigate themselves in the corporate setting and in the entrepreneurial space. She has helped create a solid track record that secured interviews for talent from the Pentagon to Google.

Chandria believes that it is time for both parties to be able to coexist and get the best out of their partnerships.

Chandria Lucious Harris is exactly what corporations need to assist them in what many believe has become an antiquated system. At the same time, the technological advances that have allowed millennials to thrive should open them up to build on their soft and personal skills development. She is the answer and has truly immersed herself in the matters of millennials.

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