13 Feb 2017
13 Feb 2017

Tenacity & Persistence with Keanna “KJ Rose” Henson

Celebrity performance coach and artist, KJ Rose joins the show today! This Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is originally from the southside of Chicago but has landed in Los Angeles, California after a lengthy career in New York City.

Always blessed with the gift of song, she did not immediately see herself as an artist until a chance meeting with an influential music executive. That moment manifested itself into her singing on the choruses of one of Heavy D’s hit singles and then The Notorious BIG’s “Life After Death” album. More opportunities would come from her lending her vocals to artists’ songs including two tours with Bad Boy Records.

Keanna toured while still employed with Pfizer. She remained in corporate for two additional years, before she decided to step out completely on faith. As soon as she took that first step, she was asked to go on yet another tour. She would eventually tour with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake & Carl Thomas & Janet Jackson.

Being “20 Feet From Stardom” began to take a toll on her artistry. She knew there would come a point that she wanted to release her own music. In 2010, she released “All Heart, No Regrets” independently. The album gave her the satisfaction that she no longer needed the “am I good enough” validation.

She has now wrapped up all of the experiences she’s had as a supportive vocalist to artists and an artist herself and created “The Rose Effect.” Her company is a stage consultancy that helps performers (actors, singers, poets, etc.) to hone their craft and maximize their performances by expanding their perceived capacity.

KJ knows that her artists respect her because she has been there and has truly done it. She’s traveled around the world singing and exploring what it means to embody artistry and Keanna has done it with class, tenacity and persistence.

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