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Werk, Pray, Slay with Koereyelle Dubose

Koereyelle Dubose is a Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She pledged at Tennessee State University in 2005. She is the founder of The Single Wives Club, an entrepreneur, educator, author and advocate of all things girl power.

Koereyelle was a second and third grade teacher in Rockdale County for four years, but circumstances had her degree in education steering her towards another direction.

She founded the Single Wives Club as result of an abusive relationship. She was engaged at the time, but 9 months before the wedding, she realized that she was not ready for the married life. Koereyelle felt that she needed support, but saw that there was lack of resources, so she invited girlfriends who might also need help.

She did not intend for the support group to be a business at first. However, the demand for such a tremendous support group had her empowering women and educating them to focus and invest in themselves.

The Single Wives Club has grown massively and now plays host to Werk-Pray-Slay – a weekend where women get pampered, educated, empowered, enlightened and recognized. The women leave with key takeaways on the weekend – not just a plan, but also the tools needed to feel ready in real life to put their plans in place.

She also wrote Werk 101, a how-to-handbook on health, wealth and lifestyle lessons – 77 lessons on everything a woman might need: from personal finance, entrepreneurship,etiquette, to finding your purpose. It also has an app version, which digests the lessons in the book to bite-size chunks of morning affirmations and blogs, as well as invites to events and classes.

With the amount of success she’s been having, it’s interesting to know that she doesn’t like making plans and would rather be open and trust God on what his plans are. She doesn’t know what it’ll be in 5 years, but we’ll all know by then.

Hear more about Koereyelle’s inspiring and entertaining stories: 

How the idea for the Single Wives Club came about (3:20), establishing that the club’s goal is not to have the women find a man, but to find themselves (7:29), and the creation of the Wives Society, which is a celebration of the women who were part of the Single Wives Club who are now happily married (5:20).

How men who date her perceive her upon knowing that she spearheads the Single Wives Club (11:05).

The process she had to go to finally write Werk 101, which entailed her to write 2 books prior at different states of mind (12:22), and the contents of the book, which also pushed for the creation of the Werk 101 app (14:27).

The structure of the Work-Pray-Slay Weekend that starts on a Friday Night with a private pampering session, a BYOB conference and Relationship Readiness Talk on Saturday, the Big Hat Brunch on Sunday, and the Claire Huxtable Award (16:00)

“We talk about building businesses and being bosses and all these stuff but if your health is not where it should be, who cares about what’s in your bank account?” – Koereyelle DuBose