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Warm, Fuzzy and Funky with Kesha Denise

Kesha Denise is the one-woman powerhouse behind Funky Flair Boutique in Marietta, GA, and is the week’s featured Cool Soror. She pledged to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. in 1997 at California State University Northridge.

Born and raised in Inglewood, CA, Kesha grew up surrounded by fashion with a seamstress for a grandmother, and a stylish mother. She is the quintessential California girl who is laid back, chill, and loves the beautiful weather, beaches and diversity of the state.

In 2006 however, after feeling burnt out of LA, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

In her first few years in Atlanta, she worked for Dermalogica.  After an interesting turn of events, she came up with a master plan and finally launched the Funky Flair Boutique in November of 2012.


Listen to this half-hour podcast to learn more about Kesha Denise:

  • How the Funky Flair Boutique idea started (3:00), the master plan and the financial route she took to set up the store (7:02) and why she chose Marietta as the location (8:28).
  • How the business operates, with her as the one-woman-team in charge of everything from merchandising, marketing and even utility; her preference to keep it this way as opposed to getting employees (10:28); Funky Flair’s online presence and e-commerce (19:09); and the processes involved in merchandising (20:35).
  • Her vision for Funky Flair’s growth and brand recall (11:49); the struggles she goes through and the support team that motivates her in spite of the hurdles (9:34)

Why she chose Alpha Kappa Alpha (16:00).

“Being an entrepreneur is a gift and a curse. I’ve worked harder for myself than I’ve ever worked for any company, but the joy in it is that it’s mine. On days when no money is moving, I’m still ok. I can sit in this building and look around, [sic] everything that’s in here is me. Nobody can take that from me. And that’s priceless” – Kesha Denise