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From 9 to 5 to One Musicfest with J Carter

This week’s episode of The Cool Soror Podcast presents “Cool Bruh” with Jason”Jay” Carter; the creator of One MusicFest and member of Omega PsiPhi Fraternity.

This Florida A&M University graduate discusses his journey from Harlem to Atlanta, corporate America to house parties and SolFusion to implementing one of the fastest growing music festivals the Southeast.

Not only does he explore the need for cultural connections through music, he explains why he never took his innate ability as an actor or his love for film further than his first movie.

On the heals of the next One Music Fest, Jay Carter says, “I want to write my own story” and he has done and continues to do just that.
Seeking to constantly build bridges between generations, he has established a formidable brand that is rooted perfectly.

This funny and witty conversation will give you an inside look at what it takes to manifest an idea and make it magical.