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Behind The Lens of The Sorority Sister with Cat Harper

Catherine Harper, better known as Cat Harper is a Cool Soror of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. from Savannah State University. She is a photographer, actress and in her free-time, an inspiration.

Catherine discovered her talent for photography during high school as an employee in a local 1-hour photography studio. Enjoying photography so much, she found herself going back to the job during college and even after earning a degree under her belt.

With the encouragement of friends, she decided to take the experience to a higher level.

She was taken under the wings of celebrity photographer, Derek Blanks as an intern for 6 months and eventually as his assistant for two years. She then decided to focus on her own dreams and gathered the courage to tell her mentor that she wanted to spread her wings.

Cat also starred in VH1’s Sorority Sisters.

Despite the scandal and backlash received by the show, her participation made her appreciate the support and love she received from her sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho.

She was able to reap the benefits from the exposure the show gave to her business as well as her story of starting from the bottom and making her way to success. Seeing all Greek organizations come together to get the show removed from air was riveting. She had hoped that type of power could be used in a positive way.

She also takes the time to give back and pay it forward with an advocacy for the homeless through photography. Hearing their stories gives she and the people around her the inspiration they need to make the most out of their lives.

Her faith is what keeps her aligned, despite struggles, trusting that God has her back. She veers away from trying to control and pave a path, trusting God, whom she believes will present her all the opportunities and the path she needs to walk in this life.

The podcast will give you a peek into Cat’s life and some interesting anecdotes:

  • Learn about her favorite photography subject (2:27), the importance of professional photography to businesses (3:12), and shooting celebrities (25:04), high fashion and beauty (34:05).
  • The part of the job that makes it all worth it: Building relationships with clients and seeing them succeed (8:30), and being attached to the photoshoots, getting emotional and crying behind the lens (9:38).
  • Insider scoop on the drama and scandal involved in shooting VH1’s Sorority Sisters (13:17) and the network pulling the plug on the show (20:42).
  • The exciting experience as a student at Savannah State University (37:16) , choosing and being chosen by Sigma Gamma Rho (22:46) and staying active in the sisterhood long after graduation by showing support to neos, and how that community makes up a sizeable chunk of her clientele (35:50).


“Just start. You have to start. Whether it’s big or small.” – Cat Harper

“Inspiring the world was just so cliché, but that’s really what I wanna do through any work I do.” – Cat Harper

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Organizations and people mentioned in the podcast:

  • Love Beyond Walls
  • Sorority Sisters
  • Derek Blanks
  • Terrence Lester
  • Cecilia Lester
  • Mike Epps
  • Young Joc
  • Jamie Grace
  • Jacob Latimore