11 Oct 2016
11 Oct 2016

Stay Tuned with Nick Nelson

Nick is the Chief Marketing Officer of Liquid Soul – the country’s premiere strategic communications and marketing firm for entertainment and consumer brands.

This man of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. takes us through the history of the company he started with his fraternity brother Tirrell Whitley and reveals the beauty of his journey to date.

What started out as an online radio show has become the “go to” marketing agency for films and television shows produced by Sony, Paramount, LionsGate, Universal along with HBO, Fox, CNN, Bravo, OWN and so much more.

Their first huge success was implementing and executing the marketing strategy for the film – “The Gospel” which was written, produced and directed by two more of his frat brothers: Will Packer and Rob Hardy of then Rainforest Films.

Nick and Tirrell knew they were on to something once he received a call from the head honchos at Sony Pictures.

The enormity of all of his successes came to a halt in 2013, when he lost his father, William E. Nelson, Jr. and spiritual father, W. Ron Sailor all while dealing with his mother Della’s Alzheimers diagnosis.

Fighting through the pain, he knew then he had to rethink his priorities. That birthed the idea for his book, “Stay Tuned”. (www.staytunedthebook.com)

“Stay Tuned” – balancing faith, family and career without compromising you – is for everybody, but speaks particularly to the professional male balancing career and his everyday life.

He gives honor to his wife, Tiffany and son Quinn to whom he dedicates his book, for helping him find what truly matters in life.

This “Cool Bruh” episode is compelling, thoughtful and emotionally complex and so is Nick Nelson.

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