24 Nov 2016
24 Nov 2016

Special Edition: Finally Feeling Purpose with Rashan Ali & Fill The Void with Jacquelyn Rodgers

This episode is a special “holiday” episode. Our host, Rashan Ali recaps some of the most important things she’s learned in 2016. She recently “hung up her microphone” from her sideline reporting gig, but the choice to do that did not come easy. In retrospect, the decision gave her space to receive God’s new purpose for her life: The Cool Soror Podcast. She goes in depth about the very moment God gave her the idea and the name. This moving confirmation of purpose will challenge you to walk in yours as well.

After you hear from Rashan Ali, Alpha Kappa Alpha Cool Soror Jacquelyn Rodgers shares her story of filling a void in the market place. While shopping for wrapping paper for her son, she noticed that finding a Santa Claus of color became a daunting task. To fix the problem, she set out on a path to create a line of products that her son could identify with. Her corporate marketing knowledge helped her to be a step ahead of most start ups. This former Miss Clark Atlanta University, is truly beautiful inside and out. If your spirit is depleted, Jacquelyn Rodgers will definitely fill that void. Get ready for the holidays with Green Top Gifts!

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Jacquelyn Rodgers

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