15 Dec 2016
15 Dec 2016

Rediscovery with Keena “KeenaBE” Stephens

Keena Stephens also known as “Keena Be” joins the podcast today.  This Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. calls herself a “nurse-prenuer” who jump started her love for the medical field in high school.  Years into helping others heal, she realized she was not practicing the very same thing she shared with her patients. That routine came to a screeching halt when Keena was 25-years-old (9:41)

Facing constant migraines,  symptoms related to stress and a grapefruit sized cyst on one of her ovaries, Keena realized that she had to make drastic changes. She decided to take the natural route instead of surgery.  She became an empowered patient (12:00), longing to see what she could do to heal herself without medicine.  The first thing she did was change her job, but the most important thing she did was change her mind.  Keena admitted, “I did all of this to myself.” Taking this route, Keena’s cyst shrank completely within six months (13:41).

With all of the additional knowledge she was able to gain, she became equipped to be a better teacher to her patients through integrative treatment.  Keena discusses three of the nine herbs that are essential for busy professionals, including maca root, turmeric & milk thistle (19:30).  She also talks about her thoughts on the the healing agents of medical marijuana (28:00).

This genius has now wrapped up her love for her patients and her time as a patient into her company, Organosmart and her R.E.S.T. programs (31:40).

Keena has had several moments of “Rediscovery” in her life that have realigned her focus.  She is grateful for every step of the process.  Being the patient and the practitioner has made her that much better and every patient is thankful that she has experienced the other side.

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