29 Dec 2016
29 Dec 2016

Purpose Through Language with Joyce Estrada Bailey

Joyce Estrada Bailey is a Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and she has been a mission to bridge the STEM and language gaps among girls in the Latina community. This “Honduran-born in Jersey-from Atlanta” native (a moniker she came up with herself) has been able to accomplish so much in the field of education, but her latest entrepreneurial venture, “Miss Maestra” is the one that will set her apart and fulfill that urge that is finally lit.

With an affinity for education since nine-years-old, she attended Georgia Southern University to major in Special Education, which she later changed to Public Relations. Sparked by a middle school teacher who spoke life into her, she gravitated toward teaching middle schoolers. Upon graduation, she worked in the public school system before a chance opportunity that would allow her to see another level of education.

She was offered a job to work at The Ron Clark Academy. This gave Joyce the opportunity to work around innovative educators. Her new position gave her the much needed armor to jump out and start her own thing.

Joyce stepped out and started Miss Maestra with two main programs: ATLatina & STEMChicas. With a passion for Latina girls and Latina people, she does not stray away from the tough topics that face Latina people in this country.

Included in this episode, Joyce addresses the difference between Latina people and Hispanic people and what that relationship truly is. She also talks about what Tump’s election means to her family and so many more people in the Latina community,

Joyce Estrada Bailey has always been determined to go after what makes pure and perfect sense. Teaching has given her that purpose through language, one student at a time.
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