17 Nov 2016
17 Nov 2016

Pivotal Moments with Dr. William A. Cooper

Dr. William A. Cooper is a “Cool Bruh” of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Today, on the 105th Founders Day (November 17, 1911), we thought it was appropriate to feature one of their prominent members. Recorded right after the election results, Dr. Coop mentions moving on despite our country’s leadership.

Affectionately called, “Coop,” this renowned heart surgeon is the founding Medical Director of Cardiovascular Surgery at WellStar Health Systems in Marietta, Georgia. After losing his mother when he was 14-years-old to pancreatic cancer, he knew that we wanted to do something to fix it (6:26). A year later, he began to vocalize his dream of becoming a doctor to his teacher, who immediately told him what he COULD NOT do. He used it as motivation to keep going (8:30).

Dr. Cooper has found solace in meditation, which gives him his true center to be able to handle his very demanding schedule (16:30). Part of the demand of his journey has led him to be at the forefront of eradicating heart disease and bringing more awareness to its detriment (27:00). He also talks about the disparities in heart disease between women and men and across color lines (32:15).

“Coop” is now the author of “Heart Attack – Truth. Tragedy. Triump” – a book he wanted to write to let readers know that there are people behind the statistics. As one of 8 children, he has witnessed the death of many of his siblings: two to heart attacks, one to diabetes and one to AIDS. He shares those stories and the perils other people who have faced similar tragedies, knowing that there is triumph in the end (36:30). Doc also discusses “The 30 Day Challenge” (49:00).
He explains simple ways to drop pounds in 30 days.

Dr. Cooper shares so many “pivotal moments” that have molded him into the man, husband, father and doctor he is today. Without them, the pivotal moment to hear his profound story would not exist.

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