01 Dec 2016
01 Dec 2016

No Safe Place For Me with Ardre Orie

Ardre Orie is the epitome of what it means to be a “go-getter.” This Alpha Kappa Alpha women received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Special Education from Florida State University, but always knew she wanted more. While teaching in Florida, she implemented an educational etiquette program for parents and students to close the gap of continuous miscommunication among parents, teachers and administration.

The success of the program led her to start her own foundation in 2009- The Pink Wish Foundation. She has continued this program in Chicago, Illinois and launched I Love Me Cosmetics as a social enterprise for her participants to raise money for programming.

Ardre is continuing to share her gift of teaching as an accomplished playwright and film director. Currently touring with her “Traces of her Lipstick” play, which exposes the thoughts, anguish and lust from the hearts of unfaithful women.

Her desire to affirm girls and women comes from surviving household domestic violence as a child. By the grace of God, she has broken that generational curse.

Ardre Orie is a woman who no longer lives her life in a safe place. And there is comfort there, because of her willingness to dare.

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