14 Jun 2017
14 Jun 2017

Nigerian Mind – American Understanding with Lucy Edosomwan

Lucy Edosomwan joins the show today! This Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is a creative, dynamic and multi-faceted artist. The Nigerian-American beauty was born in New York City. With a mission to change the world, the creative director tells stories through art: photography, film, dance, graphic design and fashion.

Stunningly beautiful inside and out, Lucy is on a mission to become Miss Nigeria USA by participating in this prestigious pageant in New York City this upcoming August. Raised by traditional Nigerian parents, she learned the value of education at a very early age.

Lucy passionately said, “Too often we hear of schools closing and the arts being stripped from the curriculum of education. No more shall we let this agenda endanger the potential of our future generations. Education is the only thing that cannot be taken from us. An educated people is an empowered people. We must become knowledgeable on our world’s problems and fast to fix it. We must arm our communities with the resources they need to flourish, for in this life one community’s progress, is the progress of humanity.”

She has been able to find an interesting middle ground to navigate in this undulated world we live in. Lucy has created the best of both worlds to see her way through. She has grasped and lived with a “Nigerian Mind with An American Understanding.” And she certainly has mastered it.

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IG: @soyoulovelucy FB: Lucy Edosomwan

Website: www.lucyedo.com

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