17 May 2017
17 May 2017

Mother of Three with Danielle Frazier

The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes Danielle Frazier, a Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. This medical researcher from Nashville, TN has a new outlook on life after experiencing what she called “hell” in 2011.

Going into labor with her first son, Landon, at 25 weeks after her uterus ruptured, her husband was told that she had a 50% chance of survival. He was also told that their son would not make it at all. Danielle survived and Landon lived for nine weeks. Her grief left her depressed and angry with God.

Agreeing not to talk about conception for a year, Danielle later found out that she had a higher percentage of rupture if she tried again. They explored adoption and surrogacy. Their neighbor, Amber who adopted a child and had recently had a child by natural birth, agreed to carry.

A miracle was on the horizon. Amber, a woman of European descent, received the Frazier’s embryos and 35 weeks later, twins were born. Madison and Miles are vibrant and healthy three-year-olds, but there is not a day that goes by that Danielle and her husband don’t think of Landon, who would have been five.

Their lives were forever changed in 2011. Danielle is set on honoring Landon’s memory and will always refer to herself as a “mother of three.” Because she is. He is her first child and always will be.

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