16 Feb 2017
16 Feb 2017

Live Your Dreams Out Loud with Brian Johnson

The Cool Soror Podcast welcomes Brian Johnson, a Cool Bruh of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. This Skipperville, Alabama native attended the University of Alabama majoring in Spanish and World Business with a concentration in International Marketing. He has truly walked an undulated and fascinating journey throughout his 30+ years of live. His experience has impregnated his entire being to unapologetically live.

Initially starting his career in sales he knew almost immediately that the products he sold did not sit well with his far reaching purpose. He ended up leaving. He then acquired and eventually lost a business while living in Phoenix, Arizona. But this too, gave him perspective. He knew that because he wasn’t truly connected to God’s purpose for his life, He could only reveal pieces of the dream. He moved to Atlanta shortly thereafter.

He reached rock bottom in 2011. Homeless and suicidal, Brian talks about the very moment he knew he had to live even in his darkest hour. His life forever changed.

The author of “Live Your Dreams Out Loud” has embraced faith and moved to Los Angeles where he was the assistant to Tavis Smiley. From his affiliation with Tavis, he was able to make and foster valuable relationships that have led him to his current position, a talent booker for Apple’s Carpool Karaoke. But he never let the real dream die; launching his own show.

Faithfully, The Brian Johnson Show debuted two weeks ago via Facebook Live. He is totally in his sweet spot. LIVING. DREAMING. OUT LOUD.


Twitter: @BJTheDreamer

FB: The Brian Johnson Show

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