15 Nov 2016
15 Nov 2016

Life Interrupted with Jaquitta Williams

Today’s episode takes us into the life of veteran journalist JaQuitta Williams who is Cool Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

This faith-filled woman has the type of self-assurance that people dream of achieving.  It came after a trial that she never saw coming.

Starting her career off running the teleprompter (4:30), she dreamed of landing a local reporter / anchor job alongside television veteran, Monica (Kaufman) Pearson on WSB (Atlanta).

Her drive and ambition led her to the chance opportunity to be in the “double box” with her.  She was able to check that off the list (5:26).

Her life was interrupted in 2007 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer (7:00).

Being vulnerable, she willingly shared her road to recovery with her WSB viewers.  She later realized that giving herself permission to share with others left her empty and depressed.  In the abyss of this moment, she realized she longer wanted to live for other people.

JaQuitta started to grasp life with a tighter grip (13:30).

Her relationship with God is beautifully profound.  She goes into detail about unbelievable experiences with God that have allowed her faith to remain steadfast, when most people would have given up.

She continues to share her journalistic brilliance on shows like For My Man, Snapped, Snapped Killer Couples, Fatal Attraction and Justice By Any Means (27:30) .  She keeps moving forward, Cancer Free, one single day at a time.  JaQuitta says, “Every day when I open my eyes, I realize it’s another opportunity to fulfill God’s purpose for my life.”  She is walking through it, uninterrupted.

Instagram: @jaquittaw 

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