03 Nov 2016
03 Nov 2016

I Believe In Marriage with Robin May

The Cool Soror Podcast is extremely honored to have Alpha Kappa Alpha member, licensed therapist & marriage counselor Robin May on today’s episode. 
Whether you are married, single, divorced or in a relationship this episode offers invaluable information to live by.
Robin discusses why she started her “I Believe In Marriage” movement after her fiancé (now her husband) broke off their first engagement. 
She rode the wave of anger, resentment, acceptance and forgiveness during their separation. She was however, able to see that this time was ordained by God and gave her perspective on who and what should be priority in her life (6:05). 
A quote on Robin’s blog states:

“When you are not intentional about nurturing your relationship, it will begin to suffer from unintentional neglect.”
She talks about this quote in length (13:40).  She also reveals her key levels of intimacy outside of physical touch in relationships.  In committed relationships, many of us suffer from approaching or living in the “roommate” zone.  She teaches us how to avoid and come out of those particular patches in our marriages (17:20)

As the wife of a politician (Dekalb CEO Lee May), Robin goes deeply into who she needed to be during a very tumultuous time in his tenure (24:45).  Being his wife, she says that she simply needed to be a “place for him to lay his head.”


There are so many jewels in the episode, including finding resiliency (38:49) and the five reasons why your or your spouse are frustrated in your marriage (41:40).  

This episode is essentially a counseling session for you and your significant other, free of charge.


You will be changed or at least your mind will be piqued just enough for you to consider change.  
Robin May has something unique with this movement.  
She truly believes in marriage and after listening to her speak, many of you will too.



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