01 Feb 2017
01 Feb 2017

How To Stomp The Power On The Quad with Rob Hardy

Director, Rob Hardy is our Special Edition Cool Bruh feature today! This Cool Bruh of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is behind some of your favorite movies like Stomp The Yard, The Gospel and some of your favorite television shows like Empire, Power, How To Get Away With Murder, The Flash, Grey’s Anatomy & Being Mary Jane, just to name a few.

But the road to this type of unprecedented success came with an abundant amount of hard work and sacrifice. Born a creative soul, his late father told him he was only going to pay for a degree from Florida A&M University in Math, Science or Engineering. He decided on Mechanical Engineering because it was the closest thing to special effects in movie making. While in college, he wrote a movie called “Chocolate City” which he crafted while bored on an Engineering internship! We’re all thankful for the boredom now.

He along with business partner, line brother and mega producer, Will Packer would go on to make more films together as a duo. The pair gained worldwide success along with their team, but decided to part ways years later so that each could focus more on their individual gifts. Both have continued to flourish mightily.

Rob always thought he would be the type .of director who had a modest apartment in New York City who simply made a few films. But the trajectory of his life and his immense talent have catapulted him onto some of the biggest stages in television and film. His newest creation, The Quad, premieres tonight on BET at 10 pm.

His life is so much larger than the humble man you will hear in this episode. When asked what was next, he answered in a ‘matter of fact’ tone, “I’m headed to New York to shoot the finale of Power.” That’s certainly not the modest!

Not exactly the modest, New York experience he pictured for himself. But instead of living in the concrete jungle, he gets to create a world for other people to enjoy and that is the essence of true power.

Twitter: @therealrobhardy
IG: @realrobhardy


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