01 May 2017
01 May 2017

Help Shavonne Thurman Stomp Out Multiple Sclerosis

The Cool Soror podcast is happy to present “Cool Cause.” This gives us the opportunity to support philanthropic and charitable causes we stand behind. We are thrilled that Shavonne Thurman joins us to talk about her SaveShavonne.com initiative.

Shavonne is a business and investment professional with nine years work experience. She has worked for private industry, investment firms and the U.S. Government, including positions at T. Rowe Price and the IRS. While in college, Shavonne was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a debilitating disease of the central nervous system. Despite the diagnosis, she was determined to finish her education.

She holds an Associate’s degree from Pikes Peak Community College in Television and Radio. She is an alumnus of the University of Colorado, graduating with honors with a BA and a Masters in Communications. Shavonne is active with the National MS society, volunteering and participating in their annual walks, as well as doing studies on the disease. She’s an advocate for others dealing with MS and has been featured in local newscasts and on HLN.com. Currently, she uses a wheelchair because she’s unable to walk. She is trying to raise funds for a radical procedure that could halt the progression of MS and potentially give her the ability to walk normally again.

Shavonne certainly does not look like what she’s been through, but Shavonne wants Shavonne back and you can play an integral role in helping her do that! In spite of her disability, she hopes to help others in their fight against MS.

See below for ways to support:

www.redbasket.org/1249/keep-shavonnes-spirits-high for more information.

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