10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016

Five Days In with Tiffini Gatlin

Tiffini Gatlin, a Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. joins the podcast today and her jaw-dropping story will have you wanting to stand up and cheer for her to get the win.

This CEO of Latched and Hooked has lived a whole lot of life in a short period of time.  Her journey to having her own beauty company comes with many stops and revelations along the way.  Kicking off her career as a bank executive, she realized she was basically running her own company by managing her bank (10:15).

During the latter part of her 10 year career, she felt something tugging at her heart.  She knew her life was bigger than banking.  She stepped away to start her own concierge service and online magazine (12:00).

Tiffini had some success in her businesses, but a chance partnership with an associate would bend her in ways she could have never anticipated.  She named this wildly successful hair company, was a co-founder and her name was on the patent as well.  But things started to go awry when she refused to take out another joint loan.  Tiffini’s refusal led her business partner to lock her out of their joint accounts and shut down the key card to their warehouse (28:00). A court case ensues and so does jail time (33:10).

Tiffini’s unsuspecting journey will make you understand the true meaning of the spirit and the flesh and how they constantly battle.  But as Tiffini says so vehemently “I’m human.”  That statement resonates with each of us because no matter how spiritual we are, we all understand that feeling.



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