03 Jan 2017
03 Jan 2017

Find A Way Or Make One with Tenisha Bell

Tenisha Bell joins the show as we kick off the new year with a slew of amazing guests! She is a Cool Soror of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and is the President and CEO of Perfect Pitch Media Group. This Chicago native knew she had the gift of writing and researching at an early age. So much so that her mother walked her into one of the only Black newspapers in Chicago and did what many mothers would do. She bragged on her child and asked the publisher, William Garth, Sr. to “give her daughter a job.” Surprisingly, the very next day Tenisha started at Citizen Newspaper.

This job would spark a deep love for the world of media for Tenisha. She was awarded a full scholarship from Mr. Garth in honor of his deceased son to attend Clark Atlanta University. He would continue to be a mentor and father figure up until his passing in 2016.

Tenisha had a very successful career as an Executive Producer for many of CNN’s top anchors including Wolf Blitzer, Fredricka Whitfield & Don Lemon. She goes in depth about how she was able to navigate her role as one of the very few women of color in her position. But there was a nagging in her soul that would not let up. She knew there was more for her life and more she had to offer the world.

In 2014, she walked away and started Perfect Pitch Media Group. Perfect Pitch is a boutique public relations and media training firm that offers high quality multi-media services which include: custom communication strategies for corporations and individuals, media training seminars, public relations support and crisis management.

Tenisha shares her deep love for her deceased father who was shot and killed when she was five-years-old in her hometown of Chicago. Because the number of Black on Black crime in Chicago is continuing to increase, she founded The Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to ensure that young African-American men lead better lives, make good ‘life’ choices that impact their entire community and have opportunities for higher education.

This media and philanthropic heavyweight is just scratching the surface of her amazing journey. She’s doing it exactly how she wants to. If anything or anyone tries to stop her, Tenisha will always “find a way or make one.”



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