01 Nov 2016
01 Nov 2016

Exit Date Set with LaToya Wilson

Alpha Kappa Alpha Cool Soror, LaToya Wilson, taught herself how to cook after marrying her now ex-husband when she was in college. In between classes to study to be a nurse, she would binge watch Food Network chefs. She would then put a twist on recipes that she liked. This Alabama native would call her mother and grandmother to get meal ideas over the phone (2:45). Before long, she realized that this desire that she had inside of her was no longer a task, it was her purpose.

She created “Saucepans and Stilettos” after one of her friends forwarded her a similar idea she had seen online. LaToya says it’s not about the actual shoes, but that everything feels and possibly tastes better with a pair of heels on. The “Saucepans and Stilettos Experience” allows women to gather at their homes with friends and learn to “create meals to make him think of you.” This experience, along with the stiletto stories from the events, has become life-changing for so many of her clients (13:50).

An only child to a teen mother, she realized early what sacrifice looked like and is doing that same thing for her own children. She witnessed her mother defy the odds of societal statistics and become a nurse. LaToya credits her own strength on the strength she gained from her mother and grandmother. She knows what it looks like to be selfless and to be in tuned with God’s voice (22:40).

LaToya Wilson coins herself as “Southern with a little bit of Country!” She knows that there is greatness in her concept because she has experienced it and seen others benefit from her obedience. However, she knows she will not see the magnitude of the dream, until the exit date has been met.

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