15 May 2017
15 May 2017

Build As We Climb with James “Jay” Bailey

The Cool Soror Podcast is always happy to feature the “Cool Bruh” segment. This episode is no different. Jay Bailey is nothing short of brilliant. He is the chairman of the Phoenix Leadership Foundation and Managing Partner of Greenwood Archer. A Cool Bruh of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is committed to living his personal motto, “Build As We Climb” and he is doing just that – one step at a time.

Jay had phenomenal success as a business man, making his first million in his mid twenties. Although he had major success by society’s standards, he felt his life had very little significance. Homeless and searching for something new, he became the CEO for the Atlanta Market of Operation HOPE, a global nonprofit organization that focused on economic empowerment. Under his leadership, HOPE’s southeastern region grew from a single person operation in 2007, to 19 offices helping more that 160,000 people buy homes, raise credit scores and increase their financial literacy by 2015.

In 2016, he along with his wife, NBC reporter Blayne Alexander, founded The Phoenix Leadership. The foundation was established to identify and inspire the Phoenix that burns within every young black male. The organization has a six-month intensive training and development series designed to expose public school students to a wide variety of opportunities and a world of opportunities.

Jay is such a visionary and in this compelling conversation, he speaks a world of truths about poverty and how it it each of our duties to sow seeds that will grow and prosper. Jay is at the forefront of that movement and our youth are so much better for it.

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