29 Nov 2016
29 Nov 2016

Blessings Accounted For with Tarryn Sampson

Tarryn Sampson, a #CoolSoror of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. joins the podcast today. The owner and CEO of TS Tax & Accounting Services from Bronx, NY made her way to the South after being “tricked” into moving to become the roommate of her cousin. She decided to stay and landed in a corporate accounting position in which she worked for several years. (8:00)

By chance, but more by God’s blessing, she heard about a tax preparation course and decided to go for it! At the time, she was not prepared to leave her full time job. Instead, she opted to do part time tax prep for friends and family (9:47) She did this until the company’s structure started changing. It came to a point that she felt like she wasn’t being appreciated and on August 15, 2014, God told her it was time to go. She knows when she hears God’s voice, it is very clear (11:00).

Tarryn did not know what her next move would be, she just knew it wasn’t where she was. A very hurtful and emotional departure, found her being resented by a family friend within the company. Thinking back on why the journey took that particular turn, she said God told her that “I needed you to move faster.” (13:10)

And move faster she did. She opened TS Tax & Accounting Services a few months later. Her skills have afforded her the opportunity to minister to other people through her business (15:46). She also goes on to share how she “finds church” wherever she goes and does not rely on the actual building to connect with God (19:32).

Tarryn Sampson’s journey is a prime example that if we let God just do what He does, we will all be better for it. She is living in that truth and if you take even a small glimpse you will be able to see that her “blessings are accounted for.”

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