10 May 2017
10 May 2017

A Different Why with Shani Godwin

Shani Godwin joins The Cool Soror Podcast today. This Alpha Kappa Alpha woman and Atlanta native is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Communiqué USA Inc. For more than 20 years, she’s helped companies and organizations achieve marketing success. As a visionary and talented communicator, she has the innate ability to see the big picture and lead flawless execution that gets results.

Shani launched Communiqué USA in 2002. Under her leadership, Communiqué has developed a solid reputation for getting the job done on strategy, on time and on budget. Moreover, Shani’s commitment to providing personalized service, forward-thinking ideas and strategic counsel is evident in the results she and her team continue to generate for an impressive and growing roster of clients.

Although wildly successful in her professional career, her personal life has seen its share of sorrow. A mental breakdown, an unexpected divorce that led into another unhealthy relationship left Shani yearning for an outlet. She created AudibleVoices.com where where she blogs, writes and inspires others to “speak their truth” and “find their voice.” She also authored The Love Project: 365 Ways to Love Yourself and Get the Love You Deserve, which hit the bookshelves in 2017. Both have been cathartic.

Many would question why certain twists and turns happen in our lives and Shani can definitely attest to that. But when she started to completely surrender to the universe and God’s will for her life, she found a greater purpose. She found, “A Different Why.”

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