20 Oct 2016
20 Oct 2016

​From Courtrooms To Cakes with Dawn Belisle

Delights by Dawn founder Dawn Belisle is our guest for this week’s Cool Soror episode.

She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. – West Palm Beach Alumni Chapter.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Attorney Dawn Belisle is a Criminal Defense Lawyer by profession and a delightful, creative cupcake lady by passion.

She practiced law for over two decades. While she had a very successful career in this space, her passion was pulling her to take a leap of faith.

Dawn put her prestigious law career on hold and let God take the wheel. She found herself starting her life anew and enjoying more than ever, baking alcohol infused cupcakes.

Now holding two kiosks at the Georgia Dome, Dawn is a testament that sometimes resets in life are necessary to find yourself and feel the happiness yearned for.

This 35-minute podcast touches on Dawn’s life and experiences and hear about:
How the cupcake project goes as far back to her childhood and why despite such inclinations, she still pursued Political Science, then Law (3:14).
How her career as a lawyer started (4:54), bloomed (6:25) and slowly dissipated (8:01, 12:32).
The set of events that led to leaving the law practice (31:40) and her advice to anyone who might be interested in re-paving the paths of their lives (13:18).
How she landed the gig at Georgia Dome (15:50) and how Keith Olbermann, Twitter and Facebook worked together into marketing her cupcake kiosk (18:02, 18:59).
Her bestselling infused cupcake flavors (22:30) and her dreams and visions on expanding Delights by Dawn (19:30, 21:48).
The narrative behind joining Delta Sigma Theta (26:49), who influenced her (27:17) and her motivations to become a Delta (29:03).

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